blogging as production

The Great Beyond sees the big media picture in blogging: it’s not words in their own but words framed by production.

The idea that we are presenting not only the writing and picture but an entire production of sorts to public view is intimidating, but it also feels empowering in that we can catch the eye of people from all over the world by our own actions and creations. This can be something really big if we strive for it.

Source: Blood & Rettberg

A perpetual communal effort

Tiny Lien writes along the lines of McLuhan.

Blogs are a perpetual communal effort to collect, categorize, and disseminate all different kinds of information (from personal reflections on food preferences to deadly serious discussions of current world affairs). The information and the people who create and maintain the blogs which present the information are separate from each other–but nonetheless act as a whole (providing a hybrid map of the external world AND the internal worlds of the 50 million or so people who participate in this constantly-expanding worldwide discussion of…pretty much everything).

Source: My own thoughts on blogs